Real estate transactions


Steven Klopman and Karilee Carman bought 427 Hardin Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $235,000 on 04/29/14

Thomas McEachron and Rita DeGonza bought 978 Schoharie Turnpike from Gary Brucker and Phyllis Brucker for $105.000 on 04/30/14

Carlton Stewart Jr. and Mary Stewart bought 850 Duanesburg Churches Road from Adam Myers and Jina Myers for $265,000 on 05/01/14


Robert Frederick and Richard Frederick bought 534 Swaggertown Road from John Jahoda and Beth Jahoda for $223,000 04/28/14

Timothy Seager and Carina Blucher bought 4 Sutherland Drive from Michael Cusano and Sarah Cusano for $165,000 on 04/28/14

Jodi Nobile bought 223 Fifth St. from Danny Duque and Nicole Duque for $115,500 on 04/28/14

Gail Kinnie bought 108 Oakwood Drive from Rebecca Lewis for $210,000 on 04/30/14

Tanner Brockmann bought 32 Surrey Road from Matthew Cross and Meghan Cross for $180,000 on 05/01/14

Jeremy Montroy and Raina Montroy bought 32 Woodcrest Drive from Peter Flaherty for $195,000 on 05/01/14

Carlos Assid bought 17 Hadel Road from Stephanie Albrecht for $193,000 on 05/02/14

Hilbrand Bekkering III and Jacqueline Owen bought 114 Vley Road from Mark Epting, executor, for $120,000 on 05/05/14

Stephen Loughman and Kathleen McKeever-Loughman bought 219 James St. from Robert Anderson and Cassandra Anderson for $145,000 on 05/06/14

Noorullah Osmani and Noria Rasouli bought 97 Maple Ave. from Anthony Falvo and Marguerite Falvo for $288,500 on 05/06/14

Kevin Aldershoff bought 407 South Reynolds St. from Gregory Grigoleit and Debra Grigoleit for $161,000 on 05/07/14

Mark Cavanaugh-O’Keefe and Kayla Overly bought 106 Birch Lane from Eric Roberts and Jennifer Roberts for $164,500 on 05/07/14

Craig Keough and Leigh-Anne Keough bought 20 Barry Lane from Donato Ferraro and Sheila Ferraro for $196,000 on 05/07/14

Jason Cuthbert and Kathleen Cuthbert bought 401 Ballston Road from Edward Flanagan and Arline Flanagan for $230,000 on 05/08/14

Robert Anderson and Cassandra Anderson bought 6 Hempshire Court from Thomas Bush and Kathleen Bush for $251,000 on 05/09/14


Christopher Jordan and Kimberly Jordan bought 201 North Alandale Ave. from Laura Belcastro for $242,500 on 05/05/14

William Lawton and Yvonne Lawton bought 2263 Berkley Ave. from R. Grant Rowe and Lois Rowe for $270,000 on 05/07/14

Michael Perman and Joselle Gagliano bought 1111 Rosehill Blvd. from Phillip Carlson and Margie Carlson for $220,000 on 05/07/14

Phillip Rudko and John Raymond bought 1350 Ruffner Road from Juan Sanabria and Norma Trujillo for $275,000 on 05/08/14

Nicholas Persons bought 2284 Preisman Drive from Adrian James and Joanne James for $255,000 on 05/09/14


Jonathan Colon and Chelsie Colon bought 1415 Curry Road from Veronica Bowie for $92,000 on 04/28/14

Janet Burchell bought 1972 Hamburg St. from Julia Csejka for $122,000 on 04/28/14

Donald Martin bought 2400 Curry Road from Raymond Davis and Karen Davis for $139,000 on 04/28/14

Lee Harris and Jennifer Harris bought 2008 Elizabeth St. from Joan Hoppe for $150,000 on 04/29/14

Alonzo Burnham and Lois Burnham bought 1976 Curry Road, Unit C-124, from Michael Andrew for $118,000 on 05/01/14

David Bonitatibus and Patricia Bonitatibus bought 1704 Crane St. from 1704 Crane St. Land Trust-RPSNY LLC, Trustee for $80,000 on 05/02/14

James Delorenzo and Kristina Delorenzo bought 1154 Dianne Court from Shane Miller and Patricia Gonzales for $221,000 on 05/02/14

John DeBrita and Stephanie Jones bought 4385 Mariaville Road from Michael Suprunowicz and Katherine Strange for $400,000 on 05/02/14

Eric Kane bought 3521 Guilderland Road from Tonino Ferri, Silvio Ferri, and Pasqualina Ferri for $162,500 on 05/05/14

Matthew Hill bought 1017 Vincent Ave. from Suzette Amrock for $162,000 on 05/07/14

Daniel Flansburg bought 1148 Eugene Drive from Richard Kutny for $143,000 on 05/08/14

Joyce Hooker bought Parcel at Garden St. and Fabian Drive from Teresa Rossi and Patricia Morris, executrices, for $159,000 on 05/09/14


Steven Hanley and Veronica Hilcken bought 850 Pinewood Ave. from Chris DeLano and Leslie DeLano for $129,500 on 05/05/14

Anthony Falvo and Marguerite Falvo bought 1024 Lexington Ave. from Nora Lohmann for $178,000 on 05/06/14

Thomas Engel bought 477 Bradford Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $64,000 on 05/06/14

Farhad Sharifpour bought 3220 Balltown Road from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. for $56,500 on 05/07/14

Maira Jaramillo bought a parcel on Cresse Ave. from Susan Balinda, executrix, for $75,000 on 05/07/14

1004 Union Street Inc. bought 832 Union St. from NFMC Properties Inc. for $51,500 on 05/08/14

St. Luke’s Catholic Church bought a parcel on State St. from Carol Thomas for $120,000 on 05/09/14

Craig Holub bought 128 Front St. from Stacey Lauren for $150,000 on 05/09/14
Sharrell Kane, trustee, bought 1474 Lowell Road from James Dallesandro and Cheyenne Dallesandro for $190,000 on 05/09/14

Plamen Atanassov and Anna Atanassova bought a parcel on Front St. from Joann McKinnis for $173,000 on 05/09/14

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