MY TAKE: Relay for Life Survivors share their strategies for overcoming challenge


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Each week, Your Niskayuna brings perspective from the community with our My Take section. At the Relay for Life on June 20, 2014, we asked cancer survivors what their strategies are for overcoming life’s biggest challenges. These were their replies.

Anna Socha and Pat Zink

“Hope, faith, and love for other people.” –Anna Socha, left, ovarian cancer survivor, and Pat Zink, right, breast cancer survivor. Photo by Rebecca Isenhart


“One step at a time. Do’t look too far ahead, but set goals.”—Bettie Kotzak, left, two-time breast cancer survivor “Each chocolate, watch cartoons, and drink tea. Laughter is what got me through.” –Mena Miglucci, right, anal cancer survivor Photo by Rebecca Isenhart


“You just dig your heels in and keep going. You don’t have a choice; just buckle up and do it.” –Dee Steeley, breast cancer survivor. Photo by Rebecca Isenhart

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