At Birchwood, kids helping kids

Here’s a neat little story we received from Birchwood Elementary:

The Birchwood Elementary School community recently completed a two-week drive to collect clothing, toiletries, and pantry items for children and families in Schoharie County. Families there are still struggling to get back on their feet after Hurricane Irene hit nearly three years ago. Specifically, the Schoharie Elementary School was in need of youth-sized clothing items and shoes for their students.

Maryellen Gillis, Principal of the Schoharie Elementary School, expressed her gratitude when the numerous boxes and bags filled to the top were delivered last week. At the end of the school year, the elementary school compiles care packages for their students and families to help them get through the summer.

Jodi Polsinelli, a Birchwood parent, had the idea of doing the drive when she heard of the dire situations that still exists in Schoharie County, specifically amongst the youngest there. Her enthusiasm, together with the assistance of Paulette Doudoukjian in promoting the drive, and of course the approval and support of Birchwood Principal, Debra Berndt, the collection took place from May 19-30 and was a huge success.

“More proof of how our Birchwood family pulls together whenever they are called to assist,” explained Jodi, adding, “The response was overwhelming and so very appreciated by those associated with the Schoharie Elementary School. It was an honor for me to deliver the items on behalf of Birchwood and made me proud of being part of this neighborhood elementary school.”Jodi hopes to do a follow up drive in the Fall as the need in Schoharie County is ongoing.