Ingersoll Place celebrates 90 years


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NISKAYUNA — Ingersoll Place celebrated its 90th anniversary in late May with residents surrounded by family, friends and staff members. 

Also in attendance were Niskayuna town Supervisor Joe Landry, Schenectady County Legislature Chairman Anthony Jasenski and New York state Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. 

Included in the day’s celebration was a proclamation from Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy declaring May 29th to be “Tribute to IngersollDay,” said Scott Oswald, master of ceremonies for the event. 

The ceremony was followed by a champagne reception and music. 

The assisted-living home has been providing care for older adults for nine decades. 

Local businessman George T. Ingersoll was the original visionary for Ingersoll Place. Before his death in 1913, Ingersoll established a fund to ensure that his younger brother would be well cared for. The remaining funds were to be designated to the establishment of a home for aging men, leading to the official establishment of Ingersoll Place in 1924. 

The Ingersoll property was first located at the old Stanford Mansion at Locust Grove right along the Niskayuna-Schenectady line. To meet the ever-changing needs of residents, Ingersoll was constantly expanding and remodeling. In 1998, Ingersoll welcomed its first female resident, but the home was quickly filling to capacity. 

Construction on a new 72-unit home began in 2006. Two years later, Ingersoll reopened its doors at its current location on Consaul Road. 

Officials at Ingersoll say they continue to practice the core value Ingersoll was founded on: family. Proud staff members are well known around the home, and residents are always on the look out for one another. 

Ruth Tosti has been a resident of Ingersoll for 2 1/2 years. Before she moved upstate 35 years ago, Tosti was a nurse at Long Island College Hospital, where she took care of premature babies. 

“We are proud of our residents here at Ingersoll . We’re a very close-knit community, and this is a lovely celebration to honor that,” said Tosti, describing the importance of the 90th anniversary event. 

Tosti is also co-president of the Residents Association, a group that meets to discuss changes that can be made to benefit the quality of life of residents. One such change includes adding a second suggestion box to a lower, easier-to-reach location for impaired residents. 

“Ruth also brought Bananagrams to Ingersoll ,” added Ceil Mack, Ingersoll ‘s marketing director. Bananagrams is a game similar to Scrabble that involves spelling words with lettered tiles. 

“It’s great a game that my granddaughter showed me,” said Tosti, who brought the game back to Ingersoll . It soon became so popular that Tosti suggested Ingersoll buy more sets of the game so all residents could be included. 

“It’s a stimulating game. People that we wouldn’t normally think could contribute to a game have surprised us with what they can add,” Tosti said with a smile.

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