BLOG: A Nisky gardener teaches a Gazette writer a lesson in green eating


It seems my friend Betsy is always in a culinary mood.

When I visit, she is often trying to fatten me up. These days, that does not take much.

Betsy — she’s Betsy Sandberg, who once worked at The Daily Gazette as education reporter — is bullish on fresh fruits and vegetables. She’s got a massive garden on the side of her Niskayuna home, and tomatoes, carrots and onions are all in the ground.

Asparagus is the current crop, and I was recently persuaded to try a few prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears.

Now, I’ve never been an asparagus fan. I’ve always found the long greens kind of tough and sort of tasteless. But Betsy has persuaded asparagus — with assists from cheese and prosciutto — to become a tasty little dish.

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Rebecca Isenhart
Rebecca Isenhart is the reporter/writer for Your Niskayuna, presented by the Daily Gazette of Schenectady.