New avenue opens for family winery


The Cappocia Winery and Vineyard on Balltown Rd. Photo by Rebecca Isenhart



Photo by Rebecca Isenhart

NISKAYUNA — Justin Cappocia, the middle of three Cappocia brothers, does so many different jobs that he’s not sure what his title is. He has designed labels for the wine bottles, works on the family web site, turns grapes into wine, and goes back and forth with the town zoning and planning boards on a regular basis.

When the Niskayuna Town Board granted Domenec and Rossana Cappocia and their sons a retail license for their vineyards and winery on on Balltown Rd., a lot more work landed on Cappocia’s plate, but he’s happy about it. After the Monday night approval, he and his family will have just a couple of short days to prepare for their Thursday, May 22 official retail opening.

“The process was pretty extensive,” Cappocia said. “As soon as we got to the town level, there was a little trouble getting through that obstacle,” he said. “They just wanted to make sure that our driveway was safe.” The family also had to obtain a use variance and a permit.

The legal slog has just begun for the Cappocias, who aim to add a tasting room to their winery before the end of the year. But in order to create one, New York State law mandates they construct a public restroom in the small retail building adjacent to their private home.

Town Planning Board Chairman Kevin Walsh listed the steps they would need to take the get there during the planning board’s working session on Monday night. “That would require a building permit, which would trigger required inspections,” he said.

For now, public visitors can’t taste the Cappocias’ wine before buying, but Justin Cappocia promises those who take the leap won’t be disappointed.

“Summer’s coming up, and we make a great Traminette,” he said.

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